World War 3 Looks Sweet

TAS_TheApoc a posted Aug 27, 18

World War 3 is a multiplayer military FPS set in a modern, global conflict. Coming to Steam in Fall 2018.

Dual Universe Update & Roadmap

TAS_TheApoc a posted Aug 8, 18  -  DU

Some good info on Dual  Universe.  Its shaping up, who is with me on this game.  We need as many people as we can get. 

I saw this and was like dam. 

Craft your own glass of Nuka-Cola, a bowl of BlamCo Mac & Cheese, and more with the recipes in Fallout: The Official Cookbook.

Based on the irradiated delicacies of the world of Bethesda Entertainment’s Fallout, this Vault-Tec–approved cookbook provides fans of the award-winning series with recipes inspired by their favorite Fallout foods. Whip up tasty versions of the Mirelurk egg omelette, throw some deathclaw meat on the grill, and re-create BlamCo Mac & Cheese with Fallout: The Official Cookbook.

Amazon Link


TAS_TheApoc a posted Jul 16, 18  -  RENDTAS


Rend is a team-based survival game set in the fabled universe of Nordic myth. This epic fantasy world is a harsh domain where the strong ascend as gods. You must choose from three rival factions, combine forces to build your team’s stronghold, and battle foes and brutal creatures. Together, you will endure the dangers of Rend’s treacherous landscapes to discover valuable resources and powerful artifacts. With the game’s deep talent trees and skill systems, you’ll have the freedom to choose how you want to fight for your team’s victory. When a cycle ends, one faction will be declared the winner… but the end is only the beginning. Victorious players will receive rewards they can use in subsequent cycles as they ascend to legendary heights as heroes.

Dual Universe is a continuous Single-Shard sandbox civilization building MMORPG taking place in a multi-planets Sci-Fi world with player-driven in-game economy, politics, trade and warfare. Players can freely modify the world by creating structures, space ships or orbital stations, giving birth to empires and civilizations.

Nice new Trailer.

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