We have around 50 days left on TS3. After these days run out. I will not be keeping it up. Discord is plenty good enough for our needs at this time. The site of course is not going anyplace. The 50 or so days is plenty of notice and Discord links are on the front page. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me.

If you want to know how to tweak discord so you dont get spam notifications or have bot questions, please contact me

Discord Link

ThatsLame I don't see instructions on how to link to TAS discord
  • Thursday, 10th from 14:00 UTC to Saturday, 12th 14:00 (48 hours)
  • Friday, 18th from 14:00 UTC to Monday, 21st 14:00 (72 hours)
  • Thursday, 24th from 14:00 UTC to Saturday, 26th 14:00 (48 hours)
  • Thursday, 31st from 14:00 UTC to Saturday, Feb. 2nd 14:00 (48 hours)


Dual Universe Alpha Gameplay

TAS_TheApoc a posted Dec 6, 18  -  DUTAS

Its coming together.  

Ill be streaming when it comes out.   Ill let you know if egosoft did us right. 


Dual Universe Newsletter - 27 November 2018

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Dual Universe Alpha 1 First Contact
available on Nov. 29th!

Dear community members,

We're very excited to announce that Dual Universe's highly anticipated Alpha 1 First Contact will be available on Thursday, November, 29th! 

This is a big milestone for Novaquark and your incredible and neverending support means the world to us! You're the reason we've made it so far. With you, we keep pushing! Let's DU it!

Kickstarter Backers Access

As announced last August, we will be giving access to the game in its Alpha stage to our Kickstarter backers, regardless of the pledge level (for those not in the game yet, access will be given in waves)!

Access to the game at the end of 2018 was one of our promises during the Kickstarter campaign, and we want to keep our promises, even if the game is not yet finished as we hoped it would be. It will also allow us to welcome more players and to give a token of appreciation to the first backers who made this happen.

We'll proceed by giving access to the game through several waves (not all Kickstarter Backers will have the game on Alpha 1, Day 1). Sponsor backers who already pledged will automatically get access on November, 29th, as it has always been stated on our Crowdfunding portal. 

Also, we have not forgotten post-Kickstarter Founder Backers who joined later and, as a thank you, we have also advanced their access to the game at an earlier stage.

To make sure to ramp-up Server stress as properly as possible, first wave of backers (beside Sponsor) will be open for December's 6th session. If everything goes well, we'll open a new wave every week but we can't promise at 100% that everybody will get access before the end of 2018.

Players will be warned by email 24 to 48 hours prior to a test session so keep your eyes open! We'll proceed by the oldest date of pledge and backers status first (oldest Silver, then oldest Bronze, then oldest Iron).

We hope you'll understand that we need to manage things at best to provide a good experience to everybody. The chart below gives you a clear view of what is planned so far: 

Price Drop on the Alpha 1 Access

We made slight adjustments in text on the Supporter Packs page. While we have based the value of each pack upon the number of DACs (months of playtime) included in each, we’re aware that some players pressed particular importance with gaining immediate access to the current state of the game.

It is for this reason we chose to alter the text as to avoid confusion and prevent misunderstanding among the community. These changes place emphasis upon Sponsor Packs allowing immediate access during November after Alpha 1 release.

Patron Packs will remain in their current state, but only as a mean for those who wish to support the game more than what is necessary for immediate access.

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