This is quick little DU Video. 

STEALTHxKILLZ plz let me use your account looks awesome

Happy Holidays

Skynet a posted Dec 24, 17  -  GeneralTAS

Happy Holidays to the TAS family! Enjoy and be safe.


This is a very detailed show on the star citizen single player game. Its very good. skip to minute 27:00 if you want to skip straight to the gameplay. 

Also 3.0 is going to open to all backers. I suggest you try it out. However remember it is alpha performance is very spotty and there are plenty os bugs to find.

Last week the devs released a video of their third pre-alpha weekend, showing off what the gold backers had made. A video on DU's Lua scripting was also released on the 24th, showing off how this feature works and interacts with their suite of components.I'm still hoping they add more functionality in the future to interact with the world and players, but in the mean time we can only wait, hope, and nag incessently.

TAS_TheApoc a ive been in a couple tests, so far the game is looking good really good

ASUS and Republic of Gamers are giving away one free limited edition ASUS ROG Strix GTX 1080 Ti Assassin's Creed Origins Edtion. It comes along with the GODS Collector's Edition of the game and an AC Origins hoodie. Only 500 of these have been manufactured, so not only are we talking about a very powerful GPU we can get, but also a rare one at that. The giveaway just works with entries you get for following on Facebook, or watching reviews of said GPU. Link to the giveaway is below.

TAS_TheApoc a sweet man, thanks for the post

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