New Star Citizen Video

Skynet a posted May 25, 17  -  Star Citizen

Showing Ai testing both in infantry fighting turrets AI tv broadcasting in game like someone sending a video of a huge battle in a system to everyone else or warning of an inbound fleet being broadcasted over a system and work on the moons and door systems talking about the stealth LTI bomber on sale end of Junee or beginning of July 3.0

TAS_TheApoc a Thank You for posting this, This was a good one IMO.

This around the verse is really good,   images of several large ships like the hull and the reclaimer.   THe bulk of the video is about the interaction system and its pretty dam sweet. 

In case you missed it, we released the fifth video of our monthly DevDiary series. 

Here's its content: 

0:00 - 9,000 backers reached! Thank you again for your support!
0:47 - Physics system refinement. Atmosphere flight / Space flight
1:14 - Icy Biome (work in progress)
1:41 - New 3D Models for Elements 
2:00 - Crafting System first step implementation (work in progress)
2:14 - Building Helper window for dynamic constructs

As usual, we love hearing your feedback and want to keep hearing from you. Please, keep telling us what you think!

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