We all got burned with rebirth. Here is hoping that X4 is actually like the origonal X games. It looks like it will be.. Im totally in. 

Gamescon demo 

Age of Empires 4

Azerin posted Aug 21, 17  -  General

Age of Empires 4 has finally been announced, and it's under development by Relic Entertainment, the developers behind the Homeworld, Company of Heroes, and Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War series.

Along with this announcement, remasters of Age of Empires 2 and 3 have been confirmed.

Regretably, the 4k remaster of the original Age of Empires, scheduled for release in October, will be exclusive to Windows 10 through the Windows Store. That means no Steam, no purely physical copies, and no older operating systems. This isn't a good sign for the future AoE games, as it raises the possibility they too will be exclusive to Windows 10 and the Windows Store. To throw some stats at you, only half of the Windows users on Steam are using 10, while a third are content sticking with 7, and that number isn't changing quickly; from 49%-28% to 51%-34% since January. If Microsoft insists on continueing this path, a very large demographic could miss out on the new entries to this wonderful series.

dogruler543 im crying right now because its being made by relic and i have little hope at the moment for it to ba as good as 2 and w...

New Battlefront Trailer

Skynet a posted Aug 21, 17  -  TAS

Star fighter footage and combat. Hope there is more to combat than the old battlefront.

Changing of the Guard

Skynet a posted Aug 19, 17  -  PS2TAS

I am happy to announce that Leviathan has been selected to be a Planet Side 2 Director.
Please join me in wishing him a warm welcome!

TheTick10 Thank you iAM2PRO for your outstanding service as PS2 Director!
MountainMacabre a Congratulations Leviathan! Thank you 2pro for your service to the community.
Dgalep Yay Leviathan! Scales rock!

Very good video on 3.0 features and changes from 2.6

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