Why should you donate to The Ascended?

The internet does not come for free, web, voice and game servers cost dollars. We want to organize events and continue to grow. So we added the possibility for people to help us!

Where will the money end up?

The money will only be used for The Ascended activities.

  • Paying for our teamspeak
  • Paying for our website
  • Paying for game servers
  • Paying for the prize money of events
  • Future projects in the world of esports and online gaming.

Why are there two different goals?

One goal if to maintain the site and voice server, This is a requirement for our community so they are seperated form our game server goal.

Our game server goal can change from time to time due to wants and needs of the members. This goal is dynamic for multiple games and higher player slots.

What does it get me?

Well, donating does not make you more special that any other member. However we really love the help. So we offer a few perks.

Current donators & subscribers will get a month of priorty slots in our Game and Voice Servers, "If Needed / Possible" along with other perks and store discounts.

How does this work?

Click the donate button. Be sure to select an ammount or enter your own custom ammount in the donation field. Of you can visit our shop to become a subscriber or pick up some TAS flair. (The Store is a work in progress)

What are credits?

Credits are points you recieve from various site activity.  "examples are posting, donating, being active, leading. ect"..  You may use credits along with money in the Store. 

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