Meetup Canceled
The meetup has been canceled, Skynet and myself are willing to host people in and near our towns if anyone is interested.. After dedicating focus on bringing new life back into TAS we will look into another meetup.
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Server Smash Reflections 22/4/2017

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1. What do you think we did well in this Server Smash?
Our strongest point was our ability to maintain team composure throughout the smash regardless of how one sided it became.

2. What do think we could improve upon for next time?
We could definitely make better use of vehicles and armor. I feel like not as many people were pulling the much needed AA vehicles. I was always thinking about how effectively we've been using armor during smash training or ops, there was a clearer idea about where we would move our vehicles and what we'd use them for. Another problem was either we'd run out of nanites to pull or we were too reliant on others pulling vehicles so that we could gun for them. Everyone had armor with AA so either we were out of nanites or we weren't being active enough. That being said, I was also guilty of this folly. Towards the end I remember only seeing two vanguards and two sundies pulled.

3. Did you have fun? Why or why not?
It was mixed for me. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be in a server smash, it was a new level of competitive PS2 that I never knew of. At the same time, it was also the most chaotic and confusing operation that I've ever been on. It was great to see so much action and tension for every fight, but being rushed into rooms full of bullets without a plan was not so great.

4. Did you have any great fights? If so, what were they?
There wasn't any moments where I could definitively say that it was the greatest fight for me.

5. How do you think I did? Is there anything you think I could work on? (Be honest, I need the criticism!)
Honestly, I don't have the experience to tell you what could've been done better. I do think that you kept it together pretty well despite how confusing it seems to have gotten in command.

6. Would you like to attend the next Server Smash?
I would definitely attend another Server Smash.

7. Last but not least, do you have any general comments or thoughts?
We should definitely train on our air vehicles. I definitely see the value in having air superiority now.
Posted Apr 24, 17
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I wasn't there. I watched the stream. Two words. Kamikaze Air.
Posted Apr 27, 17
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