I took the liberty of creating this thread, as I found some very helpful footage that, should we make use of, could give us the edge on any combat scenario; from 1-on-1 dogfighting to the highly unlikely, but costly if we're unprepared, fleet battle.

I will provide some links, grouped according to their subject as well as a short description of each one.

I'd like to note, at this point, that some of the Star Citizen related videos are from earlier stages of the game, so mechanics or controls might be different, but the tactics or maneuvers seen are still 100% applicable.

  • Weapon Systems; Information and Loadouts.

    1. Basics of outfitting your ship.
      Helpful tutorial for beginners on how to outfit your ship. Take note on the concept of "monoboating".

    2. Energy and Projectile Damage comparisson.
      If you are not sure about what the difference between an Energy Weapon (e.g.: Klaus & Werner CF-117 Badger Laser Repeater - a.k.a. "Badger Repeater") and a Balistic one (e.g.: Gallenson Tactical Systems Mantis GT-220 Ballistic Gatling - a.k.a. "Mantis").

  • Basic Flight Modes.

    1. IFCS (In Flight Control System) Basics and Tactics.
      A guide on what the IFCS is. Guide on what the two current settings we can enable or disable, namely the G-SAFE and COMSTAB, are and how they impact our ship and pilot.

    2. Decoupled Mode; Basics and Tactics.
      A guide on what the decoupled mode is and potential uses in dogfighting.

  • Fighter Maneuvers.

    1. Basic Fighter Maneuvers.
      Wikipedia's detailed article about fighter maneuvers. While mostly applicable in Star Citizen, adjustments will need to be made to fit the lack of atmospheric friction and gravity in space. Some of the maneuvers here are applicable in Squadron Tactics as well, but I will list it here, as the article also deals with more basic, solo maneuvers and terms.


    2. Evasive Maneuvering.
      A guide on some evasive maneuvering tactics and tricks. Take note on the "Corkscrew" maneuver.

    3. Advanced Flight Mechanics.
      A guide on some advanced flight mechanics and maneuvers. Take note, again, on the "Corkscrew" maneuver.

    4. The Split S Maneuver.
      A guide on how to successfully perform a Split S maneuver. Useful for getting someone off your tail.

    5. The Spinning Turtle Maneuver.
      A guide to a very helpful maneuver that will buy you a few extra seconds.

    6. The Immelman, the Scissors and the Shelton Slide Maneuvers.
      A guide to three very useful maneuvers. The Immelman maneuver is an evasive one, the Scissors are handy to turn the tables and go from defender to attacker and the Shelton Slide is a very cool offensive maneuver that will trick your opponents as to your vector.

    7. Kiting.
      A guide to what "kiting" is and how it's used in Star Citizen.

    8. Strafe Fighting
      Now that we've handled the more basic and traditional ways of dogfighting, it's time to look into Strafe Fighting. Strafe fighting is a lot more applicable tactic in Star Citizen, as you can keep mobile while still having your weapon systems fixed on your target. This will be the bread and butter maneuver and dogfighting style of most advanced and experienced pilots.
      In this video, the basics of strafe fighting are explained, and three maneuvers are also showcased:
      • Orbiting with a Roll
      • Blowing Through
      • 180o Flip Pass

  • Squadron Tactics.

    1. Basic Squadron Formations, Tactics and Maneuvers.
      A 1960's training video of the USAF. Very good explanation of the compositions of squadrons and combat flight tactics and maneuvers. Must watch. We'll need to work on this one, as the environment we'll fight in is different (no atmospheric friction, zero gravity) and these maneuvers exponentially increase our chances of survival and combat effectiveness as a squadron.

    2. Basic Combat Styles.
      A video showing off the most basic combat styles, the aggressor and the opportunist, in this case called "Rhinos and Cats".

  • Countermeasures; Tips and Tricks.

    1. Offensive Use of Countermeasures.
      Some useful tips and tricks on how to use countermeasures offensively. Take not on how chaff completely disables targeting systems and how that can be used to your advantage.

    2. Countering Countermeasures.
      A video on how to counter countermeasures and make increase the chances your missile hits its target.

  • Virtual Intelligence

    1. Voice Attack
      First of all, I want to make it clear I have absolutely no incentive to recommend this voice command software, other than that I found it very useful and immersive to have. In no way am I turning any profit from it, or am I affiliated in any way with its producers.
      Secondly, I want to state that there is no official line yet as to whether it will be allowed to use it when the game launches or if it will be banned.
      That being said, I think it's a very useful voice command software, that can help you better control your ship (let's face it, I doubt you can remember all the hotkeys in the Alpha version, let alone in the official launch), plus it's really immersive as all spaceships have an A.I. on board (e.g.: you know you all loved E.D.I. in Mass Effect 2 & 3), and that's more or less what Voice Attack feels like.
      This is a short video on what Voice Attack is and a quick start guide. Also, note that there are different voice packs to use, but you need to pay for them. Voice Attack is on Steam for 11.99EUR, so I suppose that should be something like 10.00USD.

That's all I have for now. I'll continue to add any information I find relevant or useful. If any of you wants to train at any time, I'll be glad to train with them, so just contact me on TS3 (TS3 ID: [TAS] Olermir), Steam (SteamID: [TAS] Olermir) or Star Citizen (SC ID: Olermir).

See you in the Verse.