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The meetup has been canceled, Skynet and myself are willing to host people in and near our towns if anyone is interested.. After dedicating focus on bringing new life back into TAS we will look into another meetup.

Roles within the Outfit.

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I was figuring out what ships I want to grab for Star Citizen, according to what roles I want to be able to play as, and then it hit me.

What if, apart from our individual freelancing roles, some of us who are more willing to play more within the confines of team spirit, were assigned specific roles?

We will obviously have a pretty substantial battle fleet, since I know that some of us have some pretty big ships and most of us have focused on fighters, bombers and dropships.
Capital ships though, will have a pretty big maintenance cost, and if we ever gather for larger scale battles we will all be expending ammunition and whatnot in quantities that might be inefficient to cover the costs on a per-person basis.
So, I was thinking that we could use for example some people that will provide logistical support for the outfit. One day per week, they can use a hauler (ranging from a simple Freelancer to a Hull E) with protection from 2 fighter elements from within the outfit to earn UEC that will be saved and used ONLY in conjoined ops.
Of course, the income from such actions should be split as follows:
Step 1: Cover the costs of the shipment, including fuel, product costs, ammo and repairs.
Step 2: A small percentage of the profits is given to the members participating. (I believe 5%-10% of the profits would be more than enough for their time, considering that it's all in the interest of the Outfit as a whole.)
Step 3: The profits go to either an Outfit Bank (if Star Citizen will provide such a thing as Guild Banks in WoW) or to a few members that will be active and responsible for managing the logistical support for the outfit.

That way, not only would everyone be less mindful of participating in a large fleet battle without needing to worry about repair and upkeep costs (since nobody will just take an Idris for a spin on a daily basis) and it would also benefit everyone since we'll be able to count on our stronger ships more and fund conjoined efforts for all participants.
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i think this is a reasonable idea, and am all for it, i can perform either role cargo or escort, though we still need to find out about the trade and resource systems before we try to implement this, plus i'm still hoping that they set up a merit and trust system for trade that has measurable effects so if we get consistency and reliability we get more money. i.e. make pure trading more interesting and less hide in your ship playing holovids of races and stuff while tuging around the universe
Posted Sep 29, 17
SC - Staff
a) They will implement a reputation system. They've already confirmed. The idea is that when you have neutral rep (let's say it scales from -100 [pirate] to 0 [neutral] and 100 [lawful]) you will have access to basic missions with little pay, including mercantile missions. But as you grow your rep, you will get access to missions with better pay that were previously unavailable. Pretty much like you would in real life. You trust and unknown mailman to deliver a simple letter, but if you want to send your computer you choose UPS or something that is more trustworthy and has insurances.

b) I hope they will, but between jumps and quantum travels and having to be on the lookout for pirates, how much spare time would we have? :p

c) I just brought mercantile as an example. We'll need miners, explorers, scouts, generally all sorts of shit. It's in the best interest of everyone if we play more as a team and less as a "me" in this game. That doesn't mean that you can't go do your own personal shit on a daily basis, but I just think that if we work together as a whole and think of all of us a single unit above our own selves, we might all end up being in a much better place. (Think for example how much more money we could all earn if we had dedicated mercantile fleets, how much money we could save on fuel and repairs by having our own refueling and repair ships, etc.)
Posted Sep 30, 17 · OP
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