1TR invited us to their Saturday night training and scrim event. This took place exclusively on a powerhouse building. iAM2PRO was kind enough to take some notes, both for their benefit and for ours. I'm posting them here, with a few edits/additions. I definitely learned a few things about holding/attacking a building that I thought I had basically figured out already. Thanks Pro!

* Using multiple doors to breach, spreading the defenders' focus
* Grouping up
* Positioning; not a lot of "out of cover" scenarios
* Bolting a door was almost as effective as having a turret

Needs improvement
* Need to use many more grenades in coordination when attacking
* When "breach" is given... didn't see a lot of breaching. Might be a good thing if you didn't see the opportunity.
* Breach should only be called when everyone is stacked and ready

* Vanu defenders' engineer's turret placement made headshots IMPOSSIBLE (in doubles next to the server)
* Pocket Medic on Vanu Engineer turret (behind the server)
* The STREAM of Vanu grenades coming out kept the terrans dazed for a majority of the time
* Attackers' engineer turret outside doubles facing inside was incredible. That said, nobody was running frags.

Needs improvement
* C4 ME! When you see guys huddling outside a door, C4 them! (w/in reason and don't risk your medic)
* Attackers need to land them grenades where it matters
* Attackers' engi-turret on the double doors actually made it harder for attackers to breach that door, since turret was in the way.