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The meetup has been canceled, Skynet and myself are willing to host people in and near our towns if anyone is interested.. After dedicating focus on bringing new life back into TAS we will look into another meetup.

[VCO] Doomblade3890's Carefully Planned Introduction

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Before we begin, let's make this interesting, shall we? Grab a bottle of wine or any other alchoholic beverage and have some shot glasses ready. Take a shot for each pun you read in this post.

*Disclaimer, I do not take any responsibility nor hold any legal/moral liability for any incapacitations/deaths suffered via overintoxication/alchoholic poisonening any/all participant(s) suffer whilst performing the aforementioned actvity. Proceed at your own risk.

OK, so as you can tell from the title, I'm Doomblade3890 from Voodoo Shipping Company [VCO]. After WalMartGreeter met with your guys (yes I just assumed genders) and established joint ops with [TAS] in Planetside 2, I've been attending some of your Wednesday operations. Seeing as how we've had [TAS] members come to VCO ops and [VCO] members going to TAS ops, it seems that this is a relationship that will last for a while, so I might as well make myself acquainted with your community as well. OK, that's 40% of the reason why I'm introducing myself. The other 60% is because a certain PrincessHaruko asked me about two times to join, and if I continue to refuse I fear she might continue requesting me until Princess' requests become a royal pain.

I've been playing Planetside off and on since 2014, first starting off as a Terran Republic soldier who was winging it with the 382nd Terran Air Wing before deleting my TR toon and defecting to the New Conglomerate forces. I played a little bit with Night Ravens and I think (but am not certain) a little with PHX before winding up with Voodoo Shipping Company in early 2016. Back in August I became a certified squad leader for VCO and tend to run ops with them frequently. Recently WalMartGreeter and possibly Titanfall14641 tried to strike a joint-ops alliance between VCO and the CongLOWmerate Sodium Squad [CLSS], but they were a little too salty for us, so Voodoo Shipping decided to find some additional Company with [TAS].

As for my role in VCO, I post frequently on the forums, lead Bravo/Charlie squad for zWalMartGreeter in our night ops (most of the time; last time my platoon-leader senpai didn't notice me :'( ), and make puns quite often, although I think that is a-PUN-dantly clear by this point. In Summer 2016, Hatsunemiki tried to ease some drama that was apparently going on within the community by holding an erotic (later expanded to just romantic) fan-fiction contest within the community, and even though the contest was a total flop (since nobody really participated except me), I ended up writing a novel-length fan-fiction (no seriously, that thing was over 90,000 words in Google Docs with 138 pages, not counting the title/table of contents and "the end" pages). Other projects I have worked on include an anime opening for VCO (which is still in the works) and a couple parody songs in case they ever do another Karaoke night.

I also try to attend [TAS] ops whenever possible, although with my work schedule there may come a time where I may have to take a break from that for while (hopefully I'll be able to find a work-around for that, though). I have already come to memorize a few of your officers present in those ops, including the aforementioned PrincessHaruko , Dgalep (even if at times her decisions mean I have to take a Deega-LEAP-of faith), LEVIATHAN , allbad (who's not all that bad), and last but not least, ClayTinker . I enjoy how you guys come up with different strategies and how Clay likes to tinker around with them; I'm looking forwards to seeing you guys more often and hope we have a fan-TAS-tic time together.
Posted Dec 7, 17 · OP
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good words, look forward to you hanging with the family more.
Posted Dec 7, 17
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I'm glad to see VCO and TAS's relations have been rekindled, our outfits have had great chemistry since the very beginning.
Posted Dec 10, 17
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