What is Delta Squad? That one random squad that seems to be everywhere and nowhere. The random squad which I lead both to glory and despair time and time again? Here's a quick rundown of Delta Squad and how to use them.

Intro: Delta is an offensive QRF mercenary squad made up of VOLUNTARY members attached to a platoon that excels in hit-n-run, and diversionary tactics. Like lightning, they deploy fast, and get out fast with the main objective of having fun within the ranks of delta squad. That being said, they are an independent squad that can work around and with the main force of the platoon. Their main method of transport is mainly by Valkyrie or Galaxy depending on the size. Don't expect them to slug it out or bring in logistics for a prolonged fight, every fight they deploy in is treated like an Alamo fight.

How to use: It is important not to treat them as a forward unit but rather as a saboteur squad. Give them a general A.O. but do not give them specific orders on how you want them to engage, it is entirely up to squad leader. As stated before they excel in diversionary tactics so that the main force can bring in the pain. They can follow orders, but they wont be as effective.

If you feel as if they should be doing something else such as following the platoon leader's orders to the "T", then lead them yourself. As the saying goes "If you want it done right, do it yourself." Did I forget to mention that Delta is made up of volunteers?
p.s. "Is there like, a squad that is part of the platoon, yet at the same time they are not?" - Deeg.